5 Days & 4 Nights – Jungle Survival Tour


Jungle Survival Tour  5 days and 4 nights

On this tour we will leave from Manaus to travel deep into the jungle – where we will learn in much greater detail what it takes to live and survive in the jungle. You will leave behind the comforts of home, there is no telephones, internet, or electricity.  For 5 days you will spend all of your time in the jungle, and imagine what it would be like to spend  a longer time without the creature comforts of civilization.  This tour is not for beginners nor the meek as this is a serious jungle excursion.  You will be accompanied by a skilled jungle guide versed in survival techniques. This is a real jungle adventure and since it is there will be some dangers that you could face…this is not like the touristy type of tour, but a taste of real life in the jungle. If this is your goal then this tour is for you….



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