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Amazon - Eco Challenger

Ecological Friendly Jungle Tours in the Amazon We are located in Manaus the city in the heart of the Amazon Jungle and feature Day tours and Extended day tours....Book with us for an exciting adventure......

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Visit a Native village

Explore the Amazon , Visit a Native village and partake in a ritual native dance. learn about the culture of the region the food they eat, how they live and work in the jungle

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Caves & Waterfalls

Visit the Presidente Figueiredo and see the waterfalls & caves located 125 Km North of Manaus ...This popular location spot is both a favorite of the locals and foreigners alike ... a must see one day excusion

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About Eco Challenger

Phone: (92) 8212-2165


We offer many tours & activities for visitors to the Amazon Jungle

There is a lot to see and do on your visit here, from our range of One day tours to our extended tours  into the jungle …come and see the Amazon first hand and book one of our tours

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Our 5 Hour Day Tour

On this tour you will have a very interesting 5 hour day tour, Visit a native village and have a chance to see some of the plants & animals of the region…Sit back and enjoy the video Tour …. We invite you to come and enjoy this tour in person

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Mountain Trek

Mount Roraima
This misty mountain looks like something from a Paulo Coelho book cover, but what really makes this peak famous is that it inspired Paradise Falls in the Pixar film Up.

Set along the Pakaraima chain of tepui plateaus, it was first recorded in 1595 by British explorer Sir Walter Raleigh, who learned about it from local indigenous people.

Meeting of the Waters & more

Travel by Boat to see the famous Meeting of the Waters,  Here you will see where the rivers Solimoes & Rio Negro  converge is said the waters never mix and it is a sight to see on one of our tours

Welcome to my website

I am Jose Luiz Corpes de Lima jr.  And I offer guided tours to clients and customers in Manaus and the surrounding region.  With over 15 years in the ecotourism industry in the city.  I offer tours ranging from one day tours, city tours,  and longer multi-day tours.

I have been in business 5 years as an independent tour guide  company and invite you to book your tour with us….

  • 15+ years in Eco -Tourism
  •   5+ years  operating as an independent provider
  • Fluent in English & Portuguese
  • Well respected and professional

Amazon Day Tour

Enjoy this video on one of our most popular day tours.   On this video you will come along with us on a tour to The Presidente Figueiredo  Waterfalls and Caves … So sit back and enjoy this video tour …But better than a video come to Manaus and experience the tour yourself

Our Offerings

& Caves

Waterfalls & Caves Excursion

Visit this favorite tour location on a one day tour. Either as a group of up to 10 persons  or with a private tour we offer a competitive rate  and a wonderful adventure


One day Boat Excursions

We offer our exclusive speedboat and riverboat tours 

    • See the Amazon by boat
    • Visit a native village
    • See the meeting of the waters
    • Swim with a pink river dolphin
    • Watch a native ritual dance

Native Village

Native Culture Tour

Visit a native village and learn about the culture and way of life in the jungle with a indigenous native family. learn about the foods they eat and watch a native ritual dance (4)

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